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Our Community


"Understanding starts with Awareness and Inclusion." 

"As Agents of Change, We Train and Educate People by meeting them where they are."

We make sure our CAN Community Participants feel welcome, safe, and taken care of. 

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Building Awareness

Educate the community on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as well as to minimize any misrepresentations related to the diagnosis through:

Workshops and Information sessions: What does Autism look like? How to positively interact with individuals with Autism, living with Autism, etc. These workshops will benefit siblings, parents, community members, businesses, school personnel and local authorities

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Providing Social Opportunities / Engagement

Providing positive interactions in sensory friendly environments to support individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) integrate into their community and increase socialization. 



Featured Donors

All donations are tax deductible and support all CAN programs,activities and events.


Diamond Donor: Jeremiah J. White, Jr.

Mr. White is the president of White and Associates, a Philadelphia-based firm that specializes in organizational change, leadership development, and building capacity within social justice organizations. Working to enhance the capacity of organizations that take on discrimination towards the disabled, immigrants, tenants, poor, etc. is at the core of what White and Associates does.

Mr. White created a strategy and communications company called Osiris Group, Inc. which had a strong life science practice that increased the participation of people of color in bioscience discovery, application and wealth creation.  This work also involved advocating for the reduction health disparities by including more people of color in all phases of bioscience from discovery to treatment. And, exploring the interfaces between people of color and the health care system and practitioners to uncover solutions that promote sustainable heath care gains..

Mr. White started a non-profit organization in Philadelphia called iPraxis. iPraxis uses a one of a kind model to delivering STEM based learning to middle school children attending schools in distressed neighborhoods. The organization uses STEM volunteers from the area’s universities, colleges and companies as mentors, presenters, and instructors to advance hands on STEM learning within the classroom.

Mr. White is chair of the Community College of Philadelphia, a member of the leadership committee of Wistar Institute, a leading biomedical research institution and, and current treasurer, Gaston and Porter Health Improvement Center, located in Washington, DC that uses sister circles as a mechanism to get African American women to exercise more control over their health.

Mr. White has been a donor to CAN since the beginning. He has been consistent with his annual donations and support for all of our community activities and events. CAN is thankful for Mr. White’s loyalty and support.


Diamond Donor: Coby Jackk

Coby Jackk was born and raised in Philadelphia. Coby step foot on stage for the first time in 2011. It was difficult, and it wasn’t easy as it seemed. He took a Comedy Workshop with Philadelphia Legend, TuRae Gordon. One of the things Turae said was stay consistent and keep hitting the stages if you want to get better.

 Coby is now getting booked to do shows out of state and is making some buzz in the comedy industry. He now has his own comedy show “Laff Now Laff Later,” which has been a great success for the past 3 years. Coby is also an actor. He has been in 35 stage plays, a few web series and featured films. Coby believes that as long as you keep God first, you can do Anything and go Anywhere!

 Coby has been a great supporter of CAN. He made one of his Comedy Shows a charity event, and the proceeds from his ticket sales were donated to CAN. CAN is appreciative of Coby’s generosity and support.  


Diamond Donor : Bryant McKay, Jr.

Bryant McKay, Jr is a humanitarian, philanthropist and soon to be published author.  Over the past fifteen (15) years, Bryant worked and continues to work diligently with various sustainability organizations managing program operations.

Bryant takes pride in giving back and helping others reach their personal and professional goals.  Well known in the community, Bryant is a former Board Member of the Greater Brewerytown Community Development Corporation (CDC), he mentors youth in the City of Philadelphia and continues to advocate for the community he grew up in.  Bryant’s favorite hobby is spending time with his family and friends, especially his son Taj.

Bryant decided to celebrate is 40th birthday as an All Black Tie Charity Event. In lieu of birthday gifts, Bryant requested his guest to make donations to Community Autism Network (CAN). He set a goal and his friends and family surpassed the expectation! CAN is forever grateful for the dedication and support.