Community Autism Network

Our Community


"Understanding starts with Awareness and Inclusion." 

"As Agents of Change, We Train and Educate People by meeting them where they are."

We make sure our CAN Community Participants feel welcome, safe, and taken care of. 

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Building Awareness

Educate the community on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as well as to minimize any misrepresentations related to the diagnosis through:

Workshops and Information sessions: What does Autism look like? How to positively interact with individuals with Autism, living with Autism, etc. These workshops will benefit siblings, parents, community members, businesses, school personnel and local authorities

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Providing Social Opportunities / Engagement

Providing positive interactions in sensory friendly environments to support individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) integrate into their community and increase socialization. 




Toilet Training Workshop at NET Autism Parent Support Group. 

Contact Icylee Basketbill Family Resource Coordinator- NET-Pace- North East Treatment Centers for additional information. 

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 We Dream All Boys Summer Camp! If interested contact information is listed on the flyer. Hurry spots available. 

Camp Dates: June 25th - August 17th 

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